Health Insurance: 5 Questions you should know the answer to.

When the matter is a loved one’s health, ensuring your ability to give them access to the best healthcare is one of the best ways you can invest in their future. Avoid waiting lists, cut down the time it takes you to get better, choose where and who provides the treatment, and benefit from being treated in private facilities with a private room.

This article will give an explanation of what health insurance entails. Already have a pretty good idea? Read our article on how to reduce the expense of your health insurance in ways that are free, and easy.

What are the three main Health Insurance covers?

Basic Cover — provides cover for limited benefits with a worldwide cover. This type of cover would typically be ideal for a customer who wants to have his medical expenses partly paid by the insurer.

Hospital Cover — provides cover for comprehensive benefits with cover for Malta as well as limited cover outside Malta. This cover, on the other hand, would be ideal for a customer who wants a more comprehensive cover in Malta which gives better peace of mind.

International Cover — this type of plan provides cover for comprehensive benefits with a worldwide cover, normally excluding USA and Canada. An International Cover is normally ideal for a customer who is a frequent traveller requiring piece of mind whenever abroad.

What doesn’t Health Insurance usually cover?

Treatment of abnormalities, deformities, diseases or illnesses that, are only present because they have been passed down through the generations of your family, except cancer.

What about 24/7 Emergency Services?

Most Health Insurance Policies also include access to 24/7 Emergency Services. This would give you the possibility of getting in
touch with a doctor for guidance on any health-related situations and may also include other services such as having a doctor
sent to your residence.

What kind of flexibility do I have?

There are a number of options which can help reduce the cost of your health insurance. One option would be to opt for in-patient and daycare treatment and exclude out-patient benefits.

Most Insurance Companies give you the option of having different levels of excess — this will allow various discounts on your annual premium. Some Insurers also allow discounts on premiums for customers who choose specific methods of payment such as Direct Debit.

How can I make it more affordable?

Most Insurance Companies offer tailor-made health insurance plans for groups, which would normally include different benefits,
subject to the client’s specific requirements. Groups would also benefit from substantial discounts on the total premium payable.

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